First I smell the bacon slowly frying with half rounds of sliced onion, pale yellow, almost white Hungarian peppers, and rich red tomato from the garden. When the meat was just cooked, the onions and peppers just wilted, he slipped the half rounds of tomato and cracked a few fresh eggs on top, making little spaces where the egg whites would run and cook evenly. When it was cooked, he served it with a thick slice of toast and warm tea with lemon in it.

Beaver Dam Pepper

I feel a kinship to a Hungarian Pepper that survived and flourished into a “naturalized American” much like myself.   When you take a bite, you get the other flavors first, and then the heat kicks in,

Capsicum Adventure

Aji’s, chili’s, paprika’s, peppers, officially, “Capsicums” are my new obsession. They’re just too beautiful, so many shapes, sizes, and colors, not to mention flavors within the species. I’ve grown some sweet non-bell types but super-hots I’m afraid of after managing to mishandle the golden habanero twenty years ago, the pain memory has kept me away…