Cinnamon 4-pack

From now on, I will be making super gooey rolls. I will be amping it up until I get to the point where it’s just too much…maybe when you can go swimming in cinnamon goop? Not sure. Anyway I’m excited about them. And I’m thinking Cinnamon Sundays! Why not?

Finding Recipes

I didn’t have Grandmothers baking and handing down recipes. I didn’t grow up with baking and desserts. I didn’t even taste banana bread until I was married, had a couple kids and made one myself. I didn’t know how to cook when I got married. Luckily, a simple wedding gift of a cookbook, “The American home cookbook” to be exact, helped me to make edible food for my family.

Pastry M.B.A.H.

I personally do not like overly sweet anything, except maybe jelly beans. I like to think of pastry as a meal that’s a little on the sweet side, easy for breakfast or brunch/lunch.
This brings me today, to three basic directions in my Pastry M.B.A.H.
(Pastry made by a Hungarian)


Hungarian egg pasta dumplings. Handmade, cut from loose batter into boiling water. Simple ingredients: Flour, eggs, salt. That’s it. But like any pasta, it takes elbow grease, time and a desire to make and clean up a huge mess.

Tomato: Yaponskiy Trufel Chernyi

One of my favorite tomatoes last season was the Japanese Trifele Black. After growing my first Cherokee Purple a few seasons ago, a lucky find from home depot, I was amazed by the depth of flavor, it was the tomato flavor I’ve been searching years for. I immediately began searching for other black and purple…

Avian Pox: Chicken pox for Chickens

Monday we vaccinated 44 chicks for the Avian Pox. It went rather well we thought, took us about 35 minutes start to finish. We put all the 6 week old chicks into the West Wing, set up a saw horse with supplies, put the perch rack, weeds, grit bowl and water bowls into the East…