Diana Cordero

IMG_1266This cookie was created as a gift for Diana’s birthday.
She passed away just 3 days prior to our birthday celebrations in June 2017.
Diana Cordero was amazing! A beautifully fierce and loving woman who anchored her family and brought love to everyone surrounding her.  We miss her terribly.



Words I wrote for Diana.
Never in my life have I known such a kind and loving person.

The quintessential Mother. Everybody’s loving Mother.

Diana was a fierce and magnificent woman.

Colossal in kindness, bold and brave in protecting those she loved,

as well as those who couldn’t protect themselves.

All encompassing in the loving generosity shown toward others.

Just as mother earth promises new life in the dark coldness of winter,

So too, did Diana hold people together in cold and dark times.

And when Spring breaks forth with incredible beauty and bountiful abundance….

So too did Diana provide generously for her family, friends,

neighbors, strangers and anyone who came into her orbit.

Her hugs were not insipid, false, quick and cold ….

…nor bone crushing bear hugs,

but rather an enveloping wrap of warmth,

that sang of safety in her womb-like embrace.

All was right and good with the world when you were near her.

Her quiet, kind smile never betrayed the troubles she carried of her own,

nor the burdens of others she carried without a sound nor complaint.

She was always there to listen to and comfort those who were hurting.

It’s funny today how “made with love” is pasted onto products…

and spoken in advertising as though it’s an ingredient you add to something….

Love streamed from Diana into the food she so deliberately and carefully prepared for others,

which in turn became beautiful and nourished the soul as much as the senses and the body.

Love flowed FROM her into everything she did.

One can’t add love. One IS love.

Diana WAS love and Diana still IS love…

because she lives in our hearts and memory as PURE Love.

I love you too… Diana, so very very much.

Im so grateful you’re in my life and you always will be.

When its my turn, I know you will be there waiting to hug me again.