Ken & Andi at the birth of Wingspread Farm 2017
Wingspread Farm, Valrico

Ken and Andie built Wingspread farm together, transforming a small repossessed shed into their first coop for twelve pullets, which quickly grew into a beautiful flock. They began baking their simple, crusty baguettes to compliment the sale of rich fresh eggs.
Today, cinnamon rolls and pastries are in high demand, with new creations added spontaneously.
Andie makes seasonal jams and jellies, many from the fresh vegetables grown right on the farm.

They are having the time of thier lives and enjoying every minute.

“Our mission is to provide beautiful, delicious foods to gift and share. Food is love!”

“Surprises and small joys are experienced fleetingly in the moment,
but paradoxically, outlast material things.”

We have weathered many things in our 48 years together. We feel this little project is our best adventure yet. It’s not without its stresses and learning opportunities, but full of joy in so many ways. Thanks for your friendship and support. We love meeting and getting to know you all.


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