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European white wheat  *no preservatives*

$12 large loaf
$6 medium loaf
$3 small loaf
$3 baguette
$2 salted breadsticks

All slices come fresh frozen and individually packaged for freshness *no preservatives*
$2   Savory breads two slices
Dilly Cheese Bread
Caraway Sauerkraut
*Coming soon* Hamburger and small bun sizes

$2  Sweet Breads one thick slice
Pumpkin Carrot
Pumpkin Honey Pecan
Banana Walnut
Banana Chocolate Chip

$1 per cookie
$10 per dozen
We bake at least seven different cookies every day out of our twenty plus flavors.
Custom order minimum 4 cookies each Flavor, (subject to availability)

Farmer Ken’s crispy chocolate chip
Gabriella’s P.B. Chocolate Chip
Gwendolyn’s Chocolate Cupcake
Lala’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Victoria’s Double Choc Crinkle
Ruby’s Red Velvet
Lottie’s Simply Sweet Sugar Cookie
Aberdeen’s Shortbread
Lisette’s lemon frosted shortbread
Scrappy Doo’s Snickerdoodle
Carmen’s Red Berry Bites
Prudence’s Prune Danish
Andi’s apple pie
Penelope’s Pumpkin Pie
Sweet-thing’s Strawberry Surprise
Goldie Girls Papaya Sunrise
Pippa’s Perfect Peanut Butter
Bessie’s Rich Oatmeal Raisin
Minnie’s Toffee Pecan
Whoop’s Cranberry White Chocolate
Rashida’s Rum Raisin with frosting

Sweet Dough Pastries  in Tall Tulip Muffin Cups
We make sweet rolls based on traditional Hungarian pastry. We use real eggs, sugar and butter, whole milk or cream. No high fructose syrups or palm oils. Our pastry is deliciously rich, without being too sweet. The dough is a sweet bread dough, similar to brioche.

$4.  Full Pastry Cream

$4.  Combo’s Cream & Filling
Vanilla Cream with:
Dark Chocolate
Strawberry preserves
Apple Cinnamon & Clove

Lemon Cream with:
Blueberry preserves

$4.  Sweet Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Apple Rolls
With or without additional syrup or frosting/icing

$4  Specialty
Carrot Cake & Pecans
Carrot Cake No Nuts*Choice of frosting* (traditional or sugar free)
$3  Specialty Cut Slab
$1  Small tub frosting

We create unique and deliciously fresh and exotic flavors in fresh micro batches depending on fruits in season. We grow many exotic and tropical fruits right here on the farm. Our jams and preserves will pep up your morning toast, and amp up your charcuterie boards.

P.P.O. Papaya, Pepper & Onion sweet, savory with degrees of heat preserve.
 $8   16oz  mild, medium, hot, xxx-hot per pint.
$5   4oz Fire Habanero Concentrate. Super hot to kick anything up a bit!

Candied Papaya
Candied papaya chunks in Vanilla & Canela light syrup
Candied papaya chunks in Vanilla & Canela light syrup with orange ring
Candied papaya chunks in light syrup with lemon zest and rings

Papaya Candy

$1 per bag
*assorted flavors*

Many unique and deliciously wonderful flavors, mostly from exotic tropical fruits we grow right here on our farm. Jams and preserves that dress up your morning toast or amp up your charcuterie boards.

Papaya Jam
Guava Jelly
Passionfruit Jelly
Tart Cherry Jelly
Mango Jelly
Kiwi Jelly
Orange Jelly
Lemon Jelly
Ruby Red Jelly
Dragonfruit Jelly
Tropical fruit jelly
Fig preserve Jelly

Candied Papaya
Vanilla & Canela
Vanilla, Canela Orange

Savory & Spicy:
Serrano Jelly
Jalapeno Jelly
Papaya, Pepper & Onion Jam
mild, medium, hot, x-hot
Papaya Habanero Fire Jam

$9  One dozen Heritage eggs 
$7 mixed flock dozen

Produce In Season
$1 per poundPapaya
$1 each passionfruit
50 cents each guava

Produce Plants in Season

$9Divinia blue cheese stuffed
$9 Divinia Feta stuffed
$9 Divinia Garlic stuffed
$4.75 Divina Greek pitted (sold out)
$6.75 Murrays Green Cerignola
$4.50 Castelvetrano pitted (sold out)

$7 Sartori Tennessee Whiskey Bellavitano Wedge
$7 Sartori Kentucky Bourbon Bellavitano Wedge
$7 Sartori Raspberry Ale Bellavitano Wedge
$7 Sartori Asiago Rosemary Bellavitano Wedge
$7 Sartori Black Pepper Bellavitano Wedge
$7 Sartori Bellavitano Gold wedge
$7 Sartori Bellavitano Chardonnay wedge
$8 Sartori Old World Cheddar
$8 Yancy’s Fancy Green Hatch Chili
$8 Yancy’s Fancy Smoked Gouda & Bacon
$8 Yancy’s Fancy Smoked bacon & Horseradish
$8 Yancy’s Fancy Horseradish
$8 Yancys’s Fancy Champagne
$7  DaneKo Havarti with Caraway seed
$11 Le Gryere Grand Suisse. Switzerland
$2.50 Carrs Crackers

$9.75 Allergy blend Honey 1lb
$7.75  Gallberry Honey 1lb
$7.75 Orange blossom Honey 1lb
$7.75 Glass bottle Wildflower Honey
$9.75 Brazilian Pepper Honey
$16.00 Tupelo Honey
$8.75 Whipped Honey
$8.75 Whipped Strawberry Honey
$8.75 Whipped Cinnamon Honey
$12.75 Honeycomb Honey

$8  Kolbasz mild or spicy
$5 Sausage sticks mild or spicy
$11 Teli Salami
$11  Csabai Salami
$12 Sibiu Salami
$10 Paprika Smoked Bacon

$7 Pickled Stuffed Peppers with sauerkraut
$7 Pickled yellow peppers
$7 Mixed pickled salad MILD or HOT
$7 Hungarian cucumber pickles
$7 Hungarian Lesco (cooked salsa)
$8 Paprika Paste in Tubes HOT ONLY
$9.75  Edes Anna mild paprika paste
$8.50 Bende Paprika True Szegedi mild/sweet

$7 Bende Rosehip
$7 Bende Forest berries
$7 Bende Sour Cherry
$7 Black Currant
$11 Plum Butter
$11 Apricot Lekvar

$5 per package:  Assorted shapes

Osem stock