Chosen “Best Farm in Valrico”

What’s making and Baking today? = Muffins, cookies, bread, pastries
Open until 6 thursday, today Our New Hours

Chicken recreation

Wingspread Farm is a hidden gem in the heart of Valrico, convenient walking distance from many neighborhoods and schools.
Shop the farmstand, grab your snacks, and watch the gorgeous mixed breed and heirloom chickens in multiple courtyards forage and bask happily in the sunshine and open air.

“Happy Fathers Day”
BOGO egg special: $5 & $6 eggs, buy one get one free!
Thursday Through Sunday

We have delectable selections of cheeses to pair with our salami’s and jams. Mild, sharp, herbed, and even soaked in bourbon and whisky cheeses are available, and perfect with our fresh breads.

We make micro batches of jams and jellies from fruits grown on the farm such as papaya, passion fruit, guava and kumquat and other exotics.

Popular Hungarian preserves such as pickled stuffed peppers and sauerkraut salad, pair deliciously with our salami, kolbasz and fresh breads, experience authentic tastes of traditional Magyar food.

A full selection of family owned and operated, local honey is stocked, such as gallberry, palmetto, orange blossom, wildflower, and allergy blend along with popular whipped flavored creamed honey.

Freshly baked rustic, homemade baguettes and bread loaves baked Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Custom sizes available also, and all custom loaves can be made to order.

Handmade/Homemade cookies in at least seven different flavors (usually more) are baked Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Custom orders and “Party Pack” orders welcomed.

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Baked goods available earlier in the mornings

Coming soon:
Park and shop (designated parking spots)
buy online and drive-thru pickup
Egg Availability is EXCELLENT!
New Hens are laying, and the older hens are over their moult.
3003 Pearson Road Valrico Florida 33596
Ken 813 361 1546
Andi 813 323 4944

Hours will be changing June 14

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8:00am -6:00pm
*Closed* Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

So call or text us to verify open hours to avoid disappointment.

Tour the farmstand inside out.

Want to know more about our chickens?

Wingspread Farm Pullets roosting in their run.

Watch for the chickens as you drive in. They’re usually out and about, foraging, dust bathing and doing their chicken thing. Drive slowly and enjoy watching them a little bit.