Chosen “Best Farm in Valrico”

Wingspread Farm is a hidden gem in the heart of Valrico, and walking distance from many neighborhoods and schools.
We have delectable selections of cheeses to pair with our salami’s and jams. Mild, sharp, herbed, and even soaked in bourbon and whisky cheeses are available, and perfect for any brunch kicked up with our Budapesti Brioche. We make micro batches of jams and jellies from fruits grown on the farm such as papaya, passion fruit, guava and kumquat and other exotics. Popular Hungarian jams are available also. A full selection of local honey is stocked such as gallberry, palmetto, allergy blend along with popular whipped flavored creamed honey as well.
Freshly baked french baguette bread is made to order, and cookies in many flavors are baked every day.
Grab your snacks or brunches and watch the gorgeous mixed breed and heirloom chickens forage and bask happily in the open air and sunshine.

To your health!  In Hungarian: Eg├ęszs├ęgedre!

Sales & Specials:
Buy two get one free Papaya Candy!

Design Your Superbowl Charcuterie Platters
Salami, Cheeses, Hot Jellies, Crackers, Hungarian pickles, Candied Papaya, Sweet Jellies and more!

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Bread, sweet rolls, cookies

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Saturday January 16
“Apricot Walnut” & “Apple-Raisin”
Aranygaluska (Golden Dumplings)
Call Ken 813 361 1546 for info

& to reserve yours!

Egg Production is picking up.
New Hens have begun laying and the older girls are coming out of their moult.

We have our first egg from the new girls. Our Cinnamon Queen has begun laying. In the past they’ve been a month ahead of the others, but egg production is picking up.
It’s been quiet around here, so we are looking forward to the noisy egg laying songs from them.
I recognize some new songs coming from the coops, they all have distinctive voices and laying songs, I love sitting in the coop courtyard listening to the varied sounds. Some are as loud as a rooster!
We still have a few in moult but the feathers are growing out and their faces are coloring up, so things should be in full swing shortly. In the past, generally right around “Mother’s Day ” is when they are most productive!

 Located in Valrico
3003 Pearson Road Valrico Florida 33596

Ken 813 361 1546
Andi 813 323 4944

Hours generally 9-5 daily
We will close if we have errands or medical appointments etc.
So call or text us to verify open hours to avoid disappointment.
Wingspread Farm Pullets roosting in their run.

Watch for the chickens as you drive in. They’re usually out and about, foraging, dust bathing and doing their chicken thing. Drive slowly and enjoy watching them a little bit.