Sunday Supper: Sweet Corn & Roast Chicken

I never know what will be my inspiration. The last few days my mind has been revolving around food (of course), tables and dishes. It began with looking for the right plate on which to photograph rolls, which snowballed into cleaning out and rearranging all my cabinets. I love dishes and tablewares, I do admit…


Show us YOU enjoying our stuff!Submit a photo or video @wingspreadfarmor text it to us. If it makes it into our Gallery you win a free roll of your choice!Good Luck!

Beautiful Boards

We want our little farmstand filled with things made with love and the intention to be beautiful, serviceable, and enjoyable.

Farmstand Global Village Concept 2022

Color burst forth in 2022. Maybe it was a reaction to the pandemic, but I wanted color and lots of it. One thing for sure is that around here it’s always changing! 2021 2022 2023 March 2023 & August 2023

Miz Andie

But today, I’ll tell you about Miz Andie. The boys next door, you may have met them… they help us out on weekends and in pinches.

When they enter our home, I hear ” Hi Miz Andie!”After a few months, I thought to myself, I like the ring to this. I like hearing it. I’ll keep it. So I did. I decided to use Miz Andie as a kind of brand name. That’s how that was born.
(Thanks, Caleb, Owen, Cole, and Henry)

Care Instructions for Cinnamon Rolls

Don’t worry, the freeze beautifully. After dormancy and hibernation, bring them back to life slowly on the counter to room temperature. They will be delicious, thick, and rich.
To warm them to just baked and barely cooled off temperature, set the oven on “bread proof” mode, 30-35C (86-95F) which is perfect to warm them without melting the frosting. I

Hold the Toast

Instead, take a teeny weeny spoon and take a little bit of concentrated jelly and let it melt under your tongue, let it bloom in your mouth (it’s safe, it’s pure fruit and flavor) let it coat your tongue and swish around in your mouth.  

That’s how to experience my jelly.

Food Insecurity

Growing up, our family didn’t have much. We were refugees that left a very successful life behind to build a life in a free country. We would have been very “food insecure” had my father not planted a garden wherever we lived. No matter where that was, the first thing he did was plant fruit…

Collard Greens

Here at Wingspread Farm we grow three varieties. We harvest when young all the way to the full grown, large leathery leaves. There is never any waste, if there are bugs, or worm eaten holes on them, the chickens get them. Win win for all of us.

Cinnamon Vapor

  Overnight, this process continues, and then the roll becomes just the way I like it

Hungarian Cabbage Noodles

I remember this meal. It was a favorite of mine.  Meat for us was not every day.   Too expensive.  My father had a garden and that was our mainstay.  We had many bread and noodle-based meals, and this was a favorite of mine.  Thinking about my growing up Hungarian, I have specific food memories,…

Cinnamon Rolls

Today, I take this very same sweet dough, roll it out into a rectangular shape, then kick it up a few notches, by smearing a generous amount of butter, handfuls brown and white sugar, and a thick dusting of cinnamon bark powder, which then combine together into a thick syrup through the alchemy of heat, and we have our cinnamon roll, the culmination of eight hours of labor.

Pasta Fridays: Green Pea Sauce with Ricotta and Ham

A new tradition in the making that I’m hoping will prevail. I want to explore the Pasta World! Recipe Marcella Hazan:I substituted a small frozen bag of green peas. Having Italian Food may often amount to no more than that, or to a pizza, or a platter of cold cuts, or a rice and chicken salad….

Coop Stories: First Chickens

And of course the Portraits and they all have names:

Mahogany, Copper, Meanie, Marilyn, Cotton, Snowflake, Nefertiti, Nessa, Muffy, Yalamay, Zora, Nuru, Pumpkin, Sidekick, Buttercup, Sooty, Sheela, Sophie, Scrappy, Rosie, Jamie, Angelina, Sweet thing, Cruella DeVille

Coop Stories: First Coop Arrival

I dreamed of a coop I could walk into, like I remembered doing as a child. My childhood chicken houses were rustic, simple, rudimentary, but they were familiar, so the designs I saw, which were in most instances a box you could reach into, but not walk into, just didn’t fit the vision.

Farmstand Village Concept: 10/2021

We are getting close to fleshing out the idea, the big parts are in place. Now begins the tweaking of it. The fun part. I’m excited to see how it will all come together,


Who doesn’t love warm bread with a dab of butter and a drizzle of pure natural honey?It just seems natural to add honey to a delicious meal of warm bread, fresh eggs, smoked bacon or kolbasz. It really sweetens up the smoky, salty flavor of the meats.Rich dark roast coffee or espresso with warm bread…